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Beadiful Vibes Journey

Hi! I am Raynie Hunter. A Shoshone-Paiute artist with a passion for making people happy. I started Beadiful Vibes after a long creative journey in the world of nail art. When my career abruptly ended as a nail artist, I needed an outlet to fuel my creative ideas. Unfortunately, I do not possess the lengthy expedition of beading memories with my grandma like most do. My journey started in 2018 when my older sister taught me how to bead. However long or short my trek has been I am beyond grateful to learn this amazing craft.

I was taught by my elders to always do things in a good way. With that being said, I believe in honoring energy. It is important for me to create when I am at my best and to know when to give myself a break when I am not. Beading takes time and energy but when I finish, I know the product will be beautiful.

I believe my work resonates with how I see the world. I love creating contemporary glamourous pieces. I am far from the traditional beadwork style that you all may be familiar with. Although, I do enjoy incorporating old styles into my work. You will find a little bit of tradition in my work along with a little bit of my vision. To me, that is what makes Beadiful Vibes so special.

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Inspiring others, to inspire others

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Raynie Hunter


This is me! Welcome to my website. If you're reading this, that means you took time to explore my page, so I want to thank you for that! A little about me, I love coffee! You can usually find me at my local coffee shop getting an iced mocha or latte. My family is super important to me. I have two little dudes that keep me on my feet nonstop. We enjoy going on scooter rides in the park or a nice hike in the Boise foot hills. My husband also plays a huge role in making sure Beadiful Vibes is successful as he helps me package every order.  I am currently a full time student studying business and accounting soon after will be environmental science. I am also a part time intern for the department of Interior bureau of Indian affairs. I am hoping to be of service to the Indigenous community once I am done with school. I am a passionate person so everything I do I tend to put my heart into. I have enjoyed building friendships along my bead journey and I hope I can be a source of inspiration for others.

About Us: About Us
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