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Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

size: 5x5 in x 4.3 in

fully customizable with instructions.


If you're aiming to put a stamp of authenticity on your beadwork, then a printable Certificate of Authenticity is the perfect ticket to prove that your creation is the real deal!


In a market saturated with plagiarized pieces and unapproved copies, a COA can provide valuable information to your customers, such as a thumbnail of the piece, title, tribal affiliation and name of artist.


Super easy to customize, available in multiple formats, and will give your work the professional edge it deserves. Plus, it's perfect for bead artists whose style is easily replicated or operating in an already-established field. Get ready to impress customers and take your reputation up a notch!


All templates made using Canva.

You will receive an email with the print instructions please download/save designs to your computer once you receive these templates.